Welcome to DuPage Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

With the help of DuPage Carpet Cleaning and Restoration you can save your carpets and save a lot of money. Carpets are not cheap, so before you toss out or replace your carpet, consider taking a good look at what a professional cleaning can do for you. With professional steam cleaning equipment and solutions we are oftentimes able to get spots, stains and years of dirt out of carpets and rugs.

Many stains that set will often come out with the aid of professional tools and cleaning agents. You may have spent hours on them, but we have the proper tools and equipment and will do our best to restore your carpets quickly and without the headaches. Plus, DuPage Carpet Cleaning and Restoration offers reasonable rates to help make it more affordable to have your carpets steam cleaned.

We also specialize in Water Damage Restoration. Whether you have water damage from flooding, sink accidents, leaky roofs, or broken pipes, we can restore the damaged area back to normal. And we offer other services such as, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, carpet stain removal, tile & grout cleaning, area rug cleaning and leather furniture cleaning. This is a full service cleaning company. Call today!