Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Naperville IL 630-871-9415Area rugs can often be among the most expensive items you purchase to decorate your home; this is especially true if you like the fine, handmade varieties from the Orient or the Middle East. As is often the case with handcrafted goods, your area rugs can last your entire lifetime (and even several generations after) if they are properly cared for.

DuPage Carpet Cleaning and Restoration will help keep your fine rugs in the best condition possible; ensuring years of enjoyment. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly as well as safe for your kids and pets. Staining agents like chocolate or red wine are no match for our advanced technologies and even built up dirt and grime will be washed away to make your rug look like new. In addition to our cleaning services, we also specialize in the restoration of valuable rug that may have suffered water damage or excessive wear and tear.

Next time you are walking through your home and notice some rugs that need freshening up, call DuPage Carpet Cleaning and Restoration to schedule a free estimate. Our fully trained technicians, quality service, and convenient hours all come together to deliver the best rug cleaning experience you could hope for.